Charles Dance

Dracula Untold

3 Oct, 2014

In this dark fantasy action movie filmed and first screened in Northern Ireland, Dance plays the part of Master Vampire. Vlad, the king of Transylvania (Luke Evans) is on a mission to defeat an army of invading Turks. His only hope of victory is to transform himself into a vampire, by drinking some of the Master Vampire’s blood. Charlie Cox is originally cast for the role, and when Dance replaces him, all the Master Vampire scenes have to be re-shot.

I came into this really at the end of the shoot – I don’t know what had gone before – but this was an afterthought, which is great, I mean that’s fine [smiles]. But we met and talked about it and this notion of a kind of Faustian pact, between Vlad and this funny old bastard who’s been down in a cave for a thousand years, appealed somewhat.

Dracula Untold – Official Trailer (HD)

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