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Charli XCX

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15 Dec, 2014

On Air interview


Charli XCX gives an interview to Ryan Seacrest during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about her album Sucker. 

The record’s kind of punk-inspired. And it’s partially a comment on the record industry as a whole and how the whole place is basically like a circus. I’m part of it, but not part of it. It’s like a bizarre place.

4 Dec, 2014

Charli XCX interview

Popsugar interviews Charli XCX about album Sucker and its unusual sound.

For me, I never want to do the same thing twice with anything that I do, particularly with my music. So after my first record, True Romance, came out, I wanted to challenge myself and my audience and push it in a different direction. As a live performer, it’s always been kind of more rock and roll, so I wanted to do something that would complement that it all just kind of made sense for me to go that way. I was in Sweden making songs with some of my best friends, and that was what was coming out. I always like to record quickly, and that kind of music really suits powering through it and just making as many songs as possible. So it was cool. That’s kind of how it ended up there.

1 Dec, 2014

Nylon cover

Magazine Cover

charli-xcx-dec-nylon-coverXCX appears on the cover of the December 2014/January 2015 issue of Nylon magazine. She talks about feminism, her confidence, and expressing herself.

There’s a video of me dancing to the Spice Girls with one of those toy microphones when I was, like, four, maybe younger. It’s a classic home video – my dad comes into the frame, and he’s doing high kicks and stuff. It still exists, but nowhere online, thankfully.

1 Nov, 2014

NKD cover

Magazine Cover

charli-xcx-nkd-mag-dec-issueXCX appears on the cover of the November 2014 issue of NKD magazine. She talks about her song I Love It, working with Iggy Azalea, and the song Boom Clap.

I feel like we were both seen as underdogs prior to ‘Fancy,’ and now everyone is after us, and I think it’s funny,

31 Oct, 2014

Complex cover

Magazine Cover

charli-xcx-complex-coverCharli is profiled for the cover of the October/November Complex. As a female pop star:

There’s always a catch. Like: “Does she really do that? I heard her mum wrote that song.” I read that about Lorde. I’m like: As if! Just because she’s young and successful, why is someone trying to take that away from her? It’s because she’s highly intelligent and a female who’s killing it. She’s doing something different, and people are afraid of that.

6 Oct, 2014

London Queen

Charli releases the track London Queen from the Sucker LP. She describes the sound:

(It’s like a) future Ramones.

3 Oct, 2014

Evening Standard interview


Charli is interviewed for The Evening Standard:

I really just want to change the way women think about themselves. A lot of young girls are quite lost. I think it would be cool for women to feel like they connect to someone who is also a bit scruffy. I’m not clean-cut and perfect, I say dumb shit and I fall over — and I want girls to know that’s cool.

Billboard cover

Magazine Cover

Charli graces the cover and talks about charli-xcx-billboard-cover-2014-billboard-bb33-510her plans to work with Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, writing angry music after I Love It charted and redecorating her country mansion in her spare time.

I’ve had to just make cutthroat decisions. I can’t f— around.

Oct 2014

Boom Clap – Marcus Schossow remix

Marcus Schossow releases his remix of the single, adding progressive-trance style background synths and vocal echo effects for a euphoric sound.

1 Oct, 2014

New York Times interview


Charli talks about her makeup, skincare, and hair routines:

To be honest, my usual makeup is the same as in my music video looks… It’s pretty much the same at night. Maybe I’ll add more black around my eyes. Or do a different lip, like a fuchsia. Or it’s an idea: I think about the 1990s. I’m a really big fan of movies like “Clueless” and “Jawbreaker.”

Time Out New York interview


Charli discusses working with Rivers Cuomo, Rostam Batmanglij, and her producer Justin Raisen for the album and where it got its title.

Sucker is about giving the middle finger to everyone who thought I couldn’t be where I am now.

Oct 2014

Nylon magazine

charli-xcx-nylonCharli talks about Sucker in the magazine’s October ‘It Girl’ issue:

It’s punk-inspired. It’s definitely still a pop album, but there are moments where it is raw and wild. I’m commenting on the music industry, the female body, and money, whereas before I mainly spoke about love. This record definitely feels better informed.


DIY Magazine cover

Magazine Cover

Charli XCX DIY cover imageCharli features on the October issue’s cover and talks about private jets, VMA parties and top 10 singles:

I feel like an ice cube floating around in a sea of chill. It’s not something that interests me. I really do just want to be in the studio or on tour all the time, and everything else is just beginning to freak me out. I guess that’s what being a pop star is, you know?

27 Sep, 2014

Debuts songs at Orlando show

Charli debuts six new tracks at her show in Orlando, titled Sucker, Famous, Caught In The Middle, I Need Your Love, Money and Gold Coins.

25 Sep, 2014

Sucker U.S. tour

Charli announces she is beginning the U.S. tour for the album. The tour is delayed from its original schedule so Charli could focus more on her album.

Boom Clap is still getting so much love all over the world, which is crazy, and it just makes sense, so I have proper time to focus on the album launch.

22 Sep, 2014

Sucker delayed until Dec. 16

Charli announces that the release has been pushed back to Dec. 16 in the U.S. and Jan. 26 in the UK and Europe.

‘Boom Clap’ is still getting so much love all over the world, which is crazy, and it just makes sense, so I have proper time to focus on the album launch. The support I’ve received this year has been mind-blowing. As you know, I’ll also be supporting Katy Perry on her European arena tour in February!

19 Sep, 2014

MTV EMA nominations

Charli is nominated for Best New Artist and Best Push. MTV:

She’s fiercely committed to constantly evolving her sound so her music is never boring and predictable.

Sep 2014

Clash cover

Magazine Cover

charli-xcx-Clash98_CoverCharli appears on the September cover and talks about writing Sucker in a hotel in Sweden, working with Rivers Cuomo and Rostam Batmanglij and whether she thinks the days are gone when sexism dictated the media profile of female pop stars:

I wish I could say yes, but I don’t think so. Maybe it is just a pop music thing, but I don’t feel like it’s changed. Now, more than ever, I get songs sent to me by people who think they should be writing my songs for me. In interviews, people are surprised when I say I wrote something myself. That is frustrating. They automatically assume I didn’t in the first place.

3 Sep, 2014

New York Times interview


Charli talks about her growing mainstream appeal, creating a Justin Bieber shrine at art school, eating fried chicken for breakfast and making the new album.

Part of the stuff that I do, the V.M.A.s and the events, is definitely a circus. I don’t care about belonging to it, not at all.

Aug 2014

Break The Rules

Charli releases the single Break The Rules:

(It’s a) badass anthem for all the naughty people in the world.

Rolling Stone feature

Rolling Stone spends time with Charli as she prepares for the MTV Video Music Awards performance, including being made up and preparing for the 40-minute set where she will walk off the stage, down a red carpet and onto a podium where drummers are playing. Charli:

I think it’s going to be fine. All the girls I’m performing with look so dope. It’s going to be cool. I’m just worried about if I’m going to fall.

21 Aug, 2014

Charli XCX interview


Seacrest interviews Charli XCX during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and questions her on why she almost put ghost sounds on her album Sucker. 

I was in Sweden in the countryside doing some recording for my record. There was this weird vibe in this house. It was actually this huge hotel we were staying in, kind of like The Shining. We had done some research and found out that there was a woman who had drowned herself in the lake outside the house when her husband had died in the 1900s. In this documentary, it said that she still lived in the house as a ghost. So we set up a microphone and left it recording all night and at about 5 or 6 a.m., we picked up this noise that was like, ‘Oooohhhhh.’ We pitched it up three octaves and it was a woman’s voice talking it was cool!

11 Jul, 2014

North American tour dates

Dates are announced for a 20-show Sucker tour, starting Sept. 26 in Orlando at The Social and finishing up in San Francisco at Slim’s on Oct. 25 after taking in New York, Montreal and Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, and other cities.

T Magazine interview


Charli gives an interview for New York Times T Magazine and talks about being compared to a young Madonna:

Madonna was someone who didn’t get put in a box. She changed and evolved. The second someone tries to put me in a box, I will do everything to rebel against that. One thing I don’t understand is how people want you to replicate your past successes. Being an artist should be about freedom and not just becoming one thing, because I think that’s terrible and boring.

Boom Clap – ASTR remix

Charli releases the ASTR remix for the single from Sucker and The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack.



2 Jun, 2014

Boom Clap

Charli releases the single Boom Clap. The song is featured on the soundtrack for the film The Fault in Our Stars. 

I’ve had that song for about a year, I wrote it with Patrick Berger

Jan 2014


Island Records releases the single Fancy by Azalea featuring Charli. On the Clueless-inspired video:

When Iggy asked me to play Tai, I was like wow, that’s awesome … that video was crazy.

12 Dec, 2013

Gave away song due to synesthesia

Charli says she allowed Icona Pop to release the song I Love It because she saw the song as a color she disliked. On synesthesia (a condition where some people can experience one sense as another, such as seeing sounds):

I haven’t been diagnosed with it but people mention it to me a lot.

Nov 2013

Super Ultra mixtape

Charli releases the Super Ultra mixtape featuring Brooke Candy, J£zus Million, Art of Noise, Giraffage, Sinjin Hawke, Baths, Jackson, How To Dress Well, and Jakwob.

Sep 2013


Charli releases the single Superlove:

It’s about running away and falling in love, basically. It’s seen as a bit cheesy to celebrate love but I just wanted to do that with this song.

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