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17 Nov, 2015

Says Sheen didn’t reveal status


Olson, who was in a relationship with Sheen when he received his HIV diagnosis, tells Howard Stern that he never informed her about his status. She said that there were threesomes and a “stream” of women he slept with, and that he wanted to use lambskin condoms, which are ineffective in protecting against sexually transmitted infections. She says she has been tested for HIV and does not have the infection.

We were sleeping together every night. Never said anything. ‘I’m clean,’ he told me. ‘I’m clean, I’m clean. There were times when we didn’t use condoms.

When Stern asks if Sheen owes her an apology:

I don’t want it … I’d say ‘f-ck you’ and hang up the phone.

Bree Olson: Charlie Sheen Never Told Me About HIV

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