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May 2008

Get Like Me video

Get Like Me directed by Ulysses Terrero is the second single from David Banner’s sixth album, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Brown makes a guest appearance as the team raps about deceased rappers. Banner:

It was one of those beats that when I did the beat I knew it was a hit record.

David Banner - Get Like Me ft. Chris Brown, Young Joc

Feb 2008

No Air video

No Air directed by Chris Robinson is Sparks’ single featuring Brown. The video portrays the pair wanting to spend time away from each other. No Air writer, Harvey Mason Jr.:

The song was initially written for a male singer but Sparks expressed major interest in the tune.

Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown - No Air (Official Video) ft. Chris Brown

1 Oct, 2007

Vibe cover

Magazine Cover

Brown appears on the cover of the October 2007 issue of Vibe magazine. He talks about his love life and taking nude pictures.

First of all, I don’t take [naked] pictures of myself. If I’m gonna show somebody that, I’d rather show the person that’s gonna be in the room with me at that time.

30 Aug, 2007

Kiss Kiss video

Kiss Kiss is directed by Erik White and is the second single from Brown’s second album Exclusive. Brown tries to win his love interest and plays two different versions of himself, a nerd and an jock. Brown:

Kiss Kiss is a real chanting record.

Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss ft. T-Pain

May 2007

Wall to Wall video

Wall to Wall is directed by Erik White and Brown is a single from Brown’s second album Exclusive. The video tributes Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Brown is bitten by a female vampire. PopCrush, Trent Fitzgerald:

The song shows that Brown is a major force to be reckoned with in the R&B game.

Chris Brown - Wall To Wall

23 Oct, 2006

Shortie Like Mine video

Bow Wow releases his single Shortie Like Mine from his fifth album, The Price of Fame. The video is directed by Bryan Barber and built around a social media theme and features Brown and actress Angela Simmons. Barber:

The song swaggers with a great hook.

Bow Wow - Shortie Like Mine ft. Chris Brown, Johntá Austin

8 Aug, 2006

Say Goodbye video

Say Goodbye is directed by Jessy Terrero is the fourth single from Brown’s self titled album, Chris Brown. In the video Brown tries to breakup with his girlfriend.

Chris Brown - Say Goodbye

Apr 2006

Gimme That video

Gimme That is directed by Erik White and is the third single from Brown’s self titled album Chris Brown. The video is inspired by Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Gimme That song writer, Sean Garrett:

The song reflected an edgier perspective of a 15-year-old.

Chris Brown - Gimme That (Remix) ft. Lil Wayne

Dec 2005

Yo Excuse Me Miss video

Brown releases his second single Yo Excuse Me Miss from his album Chris Brown. The music video is directed by Erik White and tells the story of Brown flirtatiously dancing and following a girl. Producers Dre and Vidal:

It’s about a girl that you maybe saw at a party or at a mall. You’re telling your boys, I need to holla at her but you don’t know her name and you just say Yo!

Chris Brown - Yo (Excuse Me Miss) (Official Video)

8 Aug, 2005

Run It music video

Brown releases his first single Run It from his self titled album Chris Brown. The music video is directed by Erik White and features male and female dancers playfully flirting with each other. Brown:

It’s really a guy checking for a girl, or a girl checking for a guy, in a party setting, asking to see if they can run it.

Chris Brown - Run It!

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