Clint Eastwood

Hang ‘Em High

3 Aug, 1968

Eastwood plays Jed Cooper in this western directed by Ted Post. Cooper is a hard working cattleman who is mistaken for a cattle rustler and hanged on the spot despite his claims of innocence. He somehow manages to survive the hanging and sets on a path of revenge when he is given the opportunity to become a Marshall and have the law behind his quest. Also starring Inger Stevens and Pat Hingle. Post on teaching Eastwood to use props:

I said, well, get his attention.  But he can’t get his attention – he was smoking.  So I said well all right, here’s what we’ll do.  See the cigarette in his mouth?  Take the cigarette out of his mouth and put it into his drink – that will get his attention.

Hang 'Em High (1967) trailer

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