Cliven Bundy

FBI investigating threats, weapons violations

9 May, 2014

The FBI launches an investigation into the events of April 12, where militia members threatened BLM and law enforcement officials with firearms. The investigation also encompasses allegations of death threats, intimidation, and weapons violations surrounding the standoff. The investigation begins with FBI agents interviewing local law enforcement officials. Militia members and Bundy supporters claim they never pointed guns at anyone, and all of the weapons violations were committed by BLM agents. Sergeant Tom Jenkins of the Las Vegas Metro Police, who has already spoken with FBI investigators, says otherwise:

It is not a rumor. When we first got out there and made a left to divide I-15, that is all you saw. You saw kids and women and horses in the backdrop and then men with guns, laying on the ground, in the back of pickup trucks. We’re going, ‘wow, this would never happen in Las Vegas,’ But it was there. That is not a rumor. It is reality and I saw it with my own eyes.

Bundy supporter and Nevada militia member Brand Thornton challenges that assertion, and says that Jenkins and the other police officers are lying. He admits to carrying an AK-47 to the April 12 standoff, but says neither he nor anyone else pointed their weapons at police or BLM agents. He says that none of the copious number of photographs of militia members pointing their weapons at police and BLM officials prove anything, saying of one photo:

He could have been easily aiming 30 feet over their heads so how are you going to prove that?

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