CM Punk

Begins work with IWA: Mid-South

1 Sep, 2000

Punk begins working for IWA: Mid-South as an in-ring performer. This federation is considered his home, although indy wrestlers are free to work anywhere, in his early career.

I think it was September of 2000. My debut match was against Colt Cabana, he had been there about a week or two before I arrived. It was Dave Prazak that recommended Colt and I to Ian. Ian had been looking for guys that could do straight out wrestling. Looking back it wasnt a great match but after I worked Cabana it blew Ians socks off. He said he couldnt afford to pay me a lot but I would have an open invitation if I was free to come down and work. I really learned to wrestle in IWA by working guys with many different styles and I still have that open invite to this day. In MAW I learned to cut heel promos and how to work the crowd. I owe Ian a lot because when you’re first starting out you don’t get offered lots of bookings.

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