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Colin Farrell

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29 May, 2017

Farrell: I ‘should check in’ on Conor McGregor’s baby

Makes Statement

When asked if the Irish are treating McGregor’s baby like the messiah, Farrell says:

I don’t know man, I haven’t checked in…there’s a point to what you’re saying. I should check in.

When asked if the baby will become the Irish Prime Minister:

We don’t have a Prime Minister, man… You Americans and your lack of education.

When the interviewer he says he’s Australian, Farrell jokes:

I know. I heard the accent.

13 Feb, 2014

Colin Farrell interview

Elle Magazine interviews Farrell about his favorite romantic movie.

The Bridges of Madison County is a fairly moving film: the idea of choosing history over fate, the life that could be lived. Part of her wants to go. And yet you understand she’s married to a good man and she has a family that she adores. There’s no right answer.

1 Aug, 2012

Colin Farrell interview

Seacrest interviews Farrell during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and asks his opinion of co-star Kate Beckinsale.

Kate Beckinsale is very sweet.  You do what the script tells you, she basically beat me upside the head. The trickiest part was kissing her actually. Because she’s, of course married to the director of the film (Len Wiseman), so that was slightly uncomfortable. It was fairly harmless, it was fairly innocent. It was just kind of a morning peck. Well, a little bit more than a morning peck, enough to make me a little bit uncomfortable, but the director moved through it fairly fast.

1 Jul, 2012

Maxim cover

Magazine Cover

175_totalrecall_coverslide2Biel, Beckinsale, Farrell appear on the cover of the July/August 2012 issue of Maxim magazine. Biel talks about her co stars in the magazine.

I’d fake punch [Beckinsale], her hair would go flying and get caught in my button, and I’d be stuck to her head.

17 Aug, 2011

The Talks interview


Farrell gives an interview to The Talks. He discusses his beliefs, fairy tales, and drinking.

Belief is very important. It’s like when you are riding a horse and you want it to go to the left, you look to the left first and then pull the horse’s head. As a human being it is the same thing: wherever you put your attention is probably where you are going to find yourself. With that in mind, the ideas of imagination and stories are very important for a more real and centralized truth.

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