Colt Cabana

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20 Mar, 2014

Baltimore Sun interview


Cabana talks to The Baltimore Sun about his time in WWE and Ring of Honor.

Well, it didn’t work out because management said creative didn’t have anything for me. Then I went out and did a web series mocking the answer that they gave me. It was maybe with the big corporate structure that I got lost underneath the pile of people (laughs), that doesn’t sound good, piles of people. But I spent two years under contract with WWE.

20 Jun, 2012

The Art of Wrestling interview


Punk takes over as host of the podcast to interview regular host, Cabana. The pair discuss wrestling , Chicago and the podcast’s 100th episode.

Colt interviews me something like, two years ago. I approached him and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if for the 100th episode I interview you?” And I’ve known Colt the longest in this crazy world of wrestling so, who better to do it?

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