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Ring of Honor

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Ring of Honor is an independent wrestling promotion. The company recognizes itself as an alternative to WWE as it is based more on wrestling and in-ring competition than variety entertainment.

12 Dec, 2014

Debut date set


ROH announces Del Rio (under the ring name Alberto El Patron) will officially debut for the company on January 3rd, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. Del Rio comments:

Ring of Honor has been doing fantastic things.  There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this company and I look forward to competing against the best of the best in ROH in 2015

17 Sep, 2014

AMA chat

Bourne takes part in Reddit AMA chat and answers fan questions on WWE and his signature Shooting Star Press move.

The landing is the worst part. No real right way. However, I never landed it the wrong way, which is to say I never hurt anyone. However, the first SSP I gave in WWE was to Matt Striker and it is was much much stiffer than usual. When he got to the back he told everyone it was perfect. That was very key in getting unlimited use with it.

10 Sep, 2014

Title Match announcement


Ring of Honor announces Jay Briscoe will defend his ROH championship against a surprise opponent at the Wheeling, WV show.

Additionally, we can confirm that new ROH World Champion JAY BRISCOE will defend his title in Wheeling! And his challenger will be determined that very night. On September 27th, the Honor Rumble returns! Whoever wins this rumble will be granted a title opportunity later in the night. means Briscoe’s first defense will be against an opponent he can’t prepare for – and someone completely unexpected might become champion!

Major match announcement


ROH announces A.J. Styles vs Matt Sydal for Reloaded Tour show in Wheeling, West Virginia. The company’s website releases statement.

Thanks to a video aired during ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, we already know that MATT SYDAL finally makes his much anticipated ROH return on September 27! But now we know his very first opponent…AJ STYLES!

19 Aug, 2014

Leaves company

Taven announces on Twitter that he will not be re-signing with ROH wrestling.

14 Aug, 2014

Injured in motorbike accident

ROH announces Rowe has injured himself in a motorcycle accident.  Injuries are listed as severe bruising, lacerations, and a broken arm that will require surgery.

Unfortunately, Rowe will be out of action indefinitely while he rehabilitates. While there is currently no set date for his return, Rowe has sworn he’ll be back stronger and better than ever!

13 Aug, 2014

Field of Honor appearance announced

ROH announces that Lynn will appear at outdoor event, Field of Honor in Brooklyn, New York.

Prior to bell time, we will have a meet and greet opportunity with a very special guest: former ROH World Champion and pro wrestling legend JERRY LYNN!

12 Aug, 2014

Signs with WWE


Steen officially announces signing with WWE.

I went to the tryout camp and I got through it, and what made me stand out were the promos, where we basically had to sell ourselves verbally. That’s always been one of my strong suits — the way I talk and what I say. I make it count, and I think that went pretty far in getting me to where I am now.

23 Jul, 2014

Ross Report interview


Styles is a guest on The Ross Report to discuss TNA, Ring of Honor and his childhood.

My dad was a Marine so I was born in North Carolina, after about a year we moved down to Georgia. So, I’m definitely a Georgia guy. There’s nothing that can tear me from the red and black.

26 Jun, 2014

Steve Austin Show interview


Daniels is a guest on the Steve Austin Show to discuss Ring of Honor, TNA and tag teams. Austin releases statement.

ROH’s Christopher Daniels aka Curry Man aka Fallen Angel stopped by the studio at 316 Gimmick Street! Hear about ROH’s big PPV event, Christopher’s in-ring style & philosophy, and some of his favorite tag teams including Midnight Express & Rock & Roll Express. Plus, he explains why he Shawn Michaels is his favorite wrestler of all-time.

19 Jun, 2014

Busted Open interview


Kazarian sits down with Busted Open Radio to discuss TNA and Ring of Honor.

 In a perfect scenario, if the distribution were to grow for Ring Of Honor and if it were available in more regions, who knows? The wrestling and the product can hold it’s own. A lot of things factor in to that that I thankfully have no control over. I’m happy being a wrestler. That’s up to the powers that be and with the buzz that Ring Of Honor has right now, that could happen.

14 May, 2014

The Art of Wrestling interview


Hero is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss Ring of Honor, his wrestling career and life on the road.

We drive a lot. Over 15 years, millions of miles driving or riding with someone. I’ve gone off the road but I’ve always just been fine. I went off the road this one time, this dark road covered in ice and I was able to get myself out of it.

20 Mar, 2014

Baltimore Sun interview


Cabana talks to The Baltimore Sun about his time in WWE and Ring of Honor.

Well, it didn’t work out because management said creative didn’t have anything for me. Then I went out and did a web series mocking the answer that they gave me. It was maybe with the big corporate structure that I got lost underneath the pile of people (laughs), that doesn’t sound good, piles of people. But I spent two years under contract with WWE.

12 Dec, 2013

Steve Austin Show interview


Steen is a guest on the Steve Austin Show to discuss Ring of Honor and having freedom wrestling business.

My contract with Ring of Honor keeps me from working other promotions that have I-Pay-per-views but aside from that I can go and do pretty much whatever I want.


6 Jul, 2011

The Art of Wrestling interview


Steen is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss his earliest memories of professional wrestling.

I always knew something was up. My dad never called it fake and I appreciate that but he said, “They’re not actually trying to hurt themselves,” I just though, “Yeah they are! Look at it!”But I knew it was fixed.

29 Jun, 2011

The Art of Wrestling interview


Lethal is  a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss TNA, Ring of Honor and getting big in wrestling.

We called ourselves the nWo because every time they brought someone in, they put them in our stable. So we had all these guys coming in and out all the time.

23 Aug, 2009

Signs with WWE


Ring of Honor wrestling announces former champion, Daniel Bryan’s signing to WWE.

We congratulate Bryan on the beginning of this next journey in his brilliant career, and wish him all the best as he progresses. Many Ring of Honor fans refer to Bryan as the “best in the world” and we look forward to looking on in earnest as he shows everyone watching the wrestling world’s biggest stage just why that is.

11 Feb, 2006

Final Ring of Honor appearance

Punk makes his final appearance for Ring of Honor. Punk is not obligated to appear beforehand, as he’d wrestled his final scheduled match months earlier. When TNA prevents multiple wrestlers from travelling to appear at the Undisputed II event due to a snowstorm, Punk agrees to make a special appearance to fill in.

18 Jun, 2005

Punk vs Aries – ROH title

Punk defeats Aries in singles competition at Death Before Dishonor to become the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion. The match ends when Punk delivers a Pepsi Plunge and picks up the pinfall. Punk announces that he has signed with WWE and begins threatening to take the ROH championship to WWE with him.

21 Sep, 2002

Ring of Honor debut

TV Appearance

Punk debuts for Ring of Honor. He cuts an in-ring promo and claims he is shocked that the crowd recognizes him.

I got a phone call while I was out with my head injury. The first thing Gabe asked me was how my head was, which was rally cool. Then he asked me if I would be ready to work in November and I told him no problem. I got myself and Cabana in the group. We were working the 3PW show on I think September 21st and we walked across the street to the MurphyRecreation Center where ROH runs and they asked me to do an in-ring promo. I went out there and was surprised at the reaction as the fans knew who Cabana and I were.

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