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17 Sep, 2014

AMA chat


Bourne takes part in Reddit AMA chat and answers fan questions on WWE and his signature Shooting Star Press move.

The landing is the worst part. No real right way. However, I never landed it the wrong way, which is to say I never hurt anyone. However, the first SSP I gave in WWE was to Matt Striker and it is was much much stiffer than usual. When he got to the back he told everyone it was perfect. That was very key in getting unlimited use with it.

15 Aug, 2014

Kayfabe Commentaries interview

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Bourne talks to Kayfabe Commentaries to discuss his future plans in wrestling and to share a story of Terrell.

This lovely young blonde was very, very new to wrestling. They get her in the ring, she trained, she’s athletic, so put her in the ring and have her do matches. We did matches I think on Tuesday nights at this bar called Bourbon Street. We had a little 16 foot ring set up in the building and there would be shows weekly. This particular night, Taryn Terrell is in a mixed tag match. It was a God awful match. At the end, I believe she did a facebuster. The girl of course lands down, that’s the finish, you go to cover. She (Taryn) basically grabbed the leg, tried to pin her while she was face down, trying to get that 1-2-3 on a face down opponent. My brain exploded. At the time I was much more cynical about people who weren’t awesome at wrestling. I had a good laugh at that too. I think she just went for the pin, she didn’t know the difference. She was that fresh to it.

23 Oct, 2011

Bourne & Kingston vs Swagger & Ziggler – Tag team titles

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Kingston and Bourne defeat Swagger and Ziggler in two-on-two action at WWE Vengeance on pay-per-view to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. Bourne picks up the pinfall victory over Ziggler after hitting “Air Bourne” at thirteen minutes and nineteen seconds.

30 Mar, 2011

Art of Wrestling interview

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Bourne is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss Ring of Honor, WWE and backyard wrestling.

When I wrestled in the backyard, I used to put on a mask and pretend I was Rey or something. I actually showed some of my tapes to Homocide. I’m actually proud of some of those matches.