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Kofi Kingston

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17 Sep, 2014

WWE.com interview


Kingston talks to WWE.com about a prank he and Hornswoggle pulled on The Miz as part of the site’s Greatest Pranks series.

We drive away just as Miz is coming out, and we’re driving down the street, and I think ‘Swoggle’s going to turn and pick him up, (but) he drives all the way to the hotel. It was about a quarter of a mile away, because we could see Miz walking. We pull into the parking lot and we see Miz walking from the gas station, waiting to cross a highway and this big field full of ice, and finally getting to the car. We got to watch and laugh the entire time.

7 May, 2014

Music Recall interview


Kingston talks to Music Recall Magazine about his Jamaican gimmick and his early days in WWE.

It was something that I came up with on the independent scene. It was funny because I was kind of just joking around in one of our classes. And then everyone in the class was like ‘oh, you have to do that, it’s so entertaining.’ So that’s the route that I went.

20 Mar, 2014

Bleacher Report interview


Kingston talks to Bleacher Report about potentially turning heel in WWE and Wrestlemania.

I think at WrestleMania you definitely want a singles match and not have to share the spotlight with other guys. Money in the Bank was awesome and (created) some of the cooler moments in my career, and it’s awesome to make some memorable moments.

21 Feb, 2014

Phoenix New Times interview


Kingston talks to The Phoenix Times about CM Punk and the WWE Network.

Yeah, we were each other’s road wives. With Punk, I consider him to be like a brother to me. He’s one of the guys who took me under his wing when I first came. So we’ve been able to maintain a good relationship. 

4 Apr, 2013

4th and Pain interview


Kingston talks to 4th and Pain about being mistaken for NFL Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in public.

I get a lot of RGIII comparisons. I’ve been stopped at several airports. People want to know… ‘Hey! Are you… are you RGIII? I’m just like ‘Come on man!’ We just have long hair. I’ve got dreadlocks, he has twists. They’re not even the same thing!

23 Mar, 2013

Digital Sky interview


Kingston discusses WWE, tag teams and the PG era with Digital Sky.

As long as I’m winning, it doesn’t really matter to me. I have had the opportunity to have some great tag team partners. Between Punk and Evan and Truth, I mean gosh, every time me and Truth get together, whether we’re doing media interviews together or backstage, it’s just constant banter. We’re always just joking around and stuff. It was a very natural fit when he and I decided to team up.

14 Aug, 1981

Kofi Kingston born in Ghana, West Africa


Kingston is born in Ghana, West Africa despite being billed from Kingston, Jamaica in the early part of his WWE career. His family immigrates to the United States when he is still a baby. Kingston graduated from Boston College before deciding to pursue professional wrestling as career.

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