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Wade Barrett

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2 Dec, 2014

Huffington Post interview


Barrett talks to the Huffington Post about returning to action and the impact the internet has had on wrestling.

Traditionally, WWE used to shy away from that internet kind of fan base. But I think increasingly, in life in general and every aspect of entertainment, social media, the internet fan base is now massive. It’s gone from being a minority of people who use that kind of thing — Twitter and forums — to pretty much everybody in some respect. With Instagram and Facebook, the Internet fanbase is the masses nowadays, so I think you’re foolish not to embrace that. WWE has been at the forefront of embracing that in the entertainment industry.

27 Sep, 2014

Ten Sports interview


Barrett talks to Ten Sports about John Cena and The Nexus.

I think there was definitely more life left in Nexus at the time. If I had been in charge, I wouldn’t have ended it like it ended. But then again, we got great opportunities for young superstars to come into the WWE, make a huge impact and then 4 or 5 years down the line, most of us are still around, and most of us are still making a very good living in the WWE, and are involved in great angles. So I don’t really look at it in a negative way; I think we were very fortunate to get that opportunity, and I’m also very grateful for the fact that Nexus came along when it did.

17 Sep, 2014

Sportskeeda interview


Barrett talks to Sportskeeda about his shoulder injury and his friendship with Ryback.

The guy I hang out mostly is probably Ryback. He is a very entertaining guy, probably the weirdest guy I’ve ever met … But, yeah he is a really cool guy, the guy I got along with well. And, we used to drive around a little bit, we came from the developmental system together so he is a guy I like.

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