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Rob Van Dam

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Rob Van Dam is an American professional wrestler best known for his work in WWE, ECW and TNA.

5 Sep, 2014

Bill Apter interview


RVD speaks to Bill Apter about Paul Heyman and his spot in WWE today.

Paul reached a level he deserves in this business. It’s nice to see the respect given back and to see Paul where he’s at right now. He’s no longer in a place where people are trying to bury him and trying to put him out of business. Now they look at him with appreciation like he is of wrestling royalty because he is. I see him pulling some of the younger guys aside backstage, giving his advice to them.

30 Jul, 2014

News.com.au interview


Van Dam talks to News.com.au about the current state of WWE and its unique variety of entertainment.

I’ve been doing this so long that I am privy to a lot of changes. When I started out there were many different companies … you could leave and go to a different territory and there were so many different styles. What we have now is WWE has survived the test of time and all the other companies have fallen off the face of the earth.

10 Jul, 2014

WWE.com interview


Van Dam talks to WWE.com about his return to the ring in Philadelphia and who all knew about his negotiations with the company.

Philadelphia’s awesome. It’s one of my top home away from homes. When I walk around on the streets there, people recognize me. They think I’m from Philadelphia, because I was there so much and because I’m so associated with Philadelphia through ECW. That was Paul’s genius. It wasn’t just a hardcore, extreme, rebellious, renegade wrestling company. It had the flavor and the pride of South Philly, which was very proud of ECW and me and my accomplishments. Because of that, people will always associate me with Philly.


24 Jun, 2014

Ring Rust Radio interview


Van Dam talks to Ring Rust Radio about Money in the Bank and Paul Heyman.

The experience that I have goes with not only knowing what it takes to pull off a match like that, but also experience in knowing myself and knowing what I can do and how far out there my comfort zone is. I love a match like Money in the Bank, I love a hardcore match, and that’s what the Money in the Bank ladder matches are.


5 Mar, 2014

Talk is Jericho interview


Van Dam is a guest on Talk is Jericho to discuss WWE, TNA and ECW. Jericho releases statement.

It’s part 1 of Chris’ conversation with the WWE’s Rob Van Dam. How’d he get his name? What about the two-thumb self-salute? Plus, hear about RVD’s time training with The Sheik, wrestling in Japan, and his move to the ECW.

16 Aug, 2013

Marvel.com interview


Van Dam talks to Marvel.com about his WWE return.

It’s awesome. I predicted that this return to WWE might be the most impactful part of my entire career. It has a lot to do with timing, and a lot to do with being RVD because I have so many years of experience. But it’s all positive. All the time I’ve spent. There’s no downside. I don’t have that a.g.e. factor that seems to affect a lot of other people. Honestly, my body feels as good as it ever did. Sometimes my back bothers a little bit, but it bothered me even more when I was 23. Sometimes my knee bothers me a little bit.

6 Mar, 2013

Shining Wizards interview


Van Dam talks to Shining Wizards about his time in WWE, ECW and TNA.

I am sure there was a reason. I don’t know why I wasn’t booked on the 1st ECW PPV. It wasn’t my job to make the matches. That was Paul Heyman’s. I am sure when he put the card together, he had a reason for not putting me on it, and I took offense to it. So I entertained the first offer that Eric Bischoff put on the table to go to WCW.

20 May, 2012

Wrestling101.com interview


Van Dam gives his thoughts about what influenced him to become a professional wrestler:

I started watching wrestling through WrestleMania and for WrestleMania II I actually watched in an arena and paid to watch it on a screen. Hulk Hogan was the man, but I was a big Ultimate Warrior fan. Some of the guys that caught my attention weren’t necessarily the main focus, I liked ‘Leaping’ Lenny Poffo a lot because he would do flying headbutts and moonsults, when other guys wouldn’t even leave their feet and that caught my imagination.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Rob Van Dam, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more