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27 Nov, 2014

Miami Herald interview


Christian talks to the Miami Herald about his appearance on Syfy’s Haven and getting to work with long-time friend, Edge, on the show.

It was fun [working together again]. We hadn’t seen each other for a while with him being up in Nova Scotia for the better part of four years filming there and me working for WWE. He just had a daughter. I just had a daughter. Between children and both of us having different schedules, I think we had probably seen each other once in about a year.

5 Nov, 2014 interview


Christian talks to about the experience of WWE pay-per-views.

Its unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The action, the pyro, the music and not to mention the superstars are bringing their A-game because they know what’s at stake and its about stealing the show.

15 Sep, 2014

Return announcement


WWE announces  Christian will return to the ring at Night of Champions to interview Chris Jericho.

Controversy always thrives whenever Christian steps through the ropes for his iconic talk show, and the charismatic Superstar no doubt has some hard-hitting questions in store for his fellow Canuck, Y2J, moments before Jericho’s anticipated clash with Randy Orton. In addition to “The Peep Show,” the Night of Champions precursor will feature expert analysis from a panel of Superstars and WWE Legends.

9 Jul, 2014

Talk is Jericho interview


Christian appears on Talk is Jericho to discuss Edge, tag teams, his time in TNA and how talent acquiring has changed in WWE.

The way that the talent is brought in now has changed quite a bit with the talent center down in Orlando. That’s probably the biggest difference where-as when we came it ya just had to cut your teeth.

31 Jan, 2014

WWE Return

TV Appearance

Christian returns to WWE on Friday Night Smackdown defeating Swagger in single’s competition. Christian picks up the pinfall victory at five minutes and forty-four seconds.

2 Nov, 2005 interview


Christian talks to about departing from the company and what he has planned after leaving.

My contract came up on Oct. 31 and we negotiated back and forth a little bit. But it wasn’t about the money for me, really. There were some other things that were going on that helped sway my decision. It wasn’t a contract dispute, if that’s what you want to call it. It was a number of different things — I’ve been on the road with WWE for eight years straight, and it takes a toll on your body when you’re going 250-300 days a year.

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