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8 Aug, 2014

Turnbuckle Weekly interview


O’Neil talks to Turnbuckle Weekly about the Daniel Bryan burglary and Darren Young’s injury.

 I talked to him last week because a couple of my friends went to a concert with him and his partner, Nicky. It was a Maxwell concert. He’s doing well and he’ll comeback, I’m sure, very motivated. Hell, he may even come try to beat me and Heath’s (butt) for partnering up. We might have to have the Prime Time Players rejoin.”

29 Apr, 1977

Titus O’Neil born in Daynton Beach, Fl.


O’Neil (Thadeus Bullard) is born in Daynton Beach, Florida. He develops an early interest in sports and pursues football through high school, becoming an All-American. He continues to play football through college at the University of Florida.

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