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Jerrod Carmichael interview

2 Oct, 2014

Carmichael appears as a guest on Conan to promote his latest HBO special, Love at the Store. He talks about his desire to be “brainwashed” by Apple’s advertising campaigns,  the unique lifestyle of a stand-up comic, and the importance of cocaine in a performer’s life.

There should be more cocaine in the entertainment industry, right? You want your favorite performer on cocaine. It’s a amazing. It’s like steroids and cool, cocaine is cool, whatever helps you perform. I don’t do cocaine yet, but I’m just getting started, you know. I don’t want to go to a Keith Richards show and he is not on coke, that’s boring. I want him running around like fully coked out.

Jerrod Carmichael Loves Apple Brainwashing - CONAN on TBS

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