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7 May, 2014

Emily Heller stand-up


Heller does a stand-up comedy performance on Conan. Her routine talks about the rules of housesitting, making a cat sex tape and being a single woman in Los Angeles.

I love living in L.A. My favorite radio station here is KDAY. You guys like that? Awesome, they play ’90’s hip-hop which I love. My only problem with it is I am a woman and sometimes they talk about us like we can’t hear them. But don’t want to stop listening so instead I have been friending the songs are about something complete different and willfully destroying the lyrics like when Juvenile’s is like, “Girl you look good, back that thing up.” I’m like he’s probably singing about her hard drive.

Emily Heller On What Not To Do While House-Sitting | CONAN on TBS

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