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20 Nov, 2014

Woman trapped in store after closing

Alyssa DeGraff takes a selfie while trapped in a CVS drugstore after they lock their doors for the night while she was still shopping. DeGraff arrived at the drugstore about 15 minutes before closing and went to checkout a few minutes after 10pm only to find everyone gone and the garage door down.

Honestly I think the whole thing is hilarious. My life is so strange, only this would happen to me.

19 Nov, 2014

Premium payment via CVS

Humana partners with CVS to allow Humana members to pay for their monthly insurance premiums via Bill Pay at CVS locations in approved states. There will be no fee for this service.


17 Nov, 2014

Pharmacy tech followed, beaten

Osceola County CVS pharmacy tech Deandra Winston  says she was chased down and attacked after work by a customer over an altercation at the store.  According to Winston, it began when the woman didn’t have ID for her prescription and had to go home and return to the store. When Winston was helping another customer, the first reacted.

She was like, ‘No, give it to me now,’ and she’s screaming. The medication was on the table, so she grabs for it. I grab for it, too.

The customer and her husband are looking to press charges themselves.

I don’t’ believe I should face charges.  It was two people who came and attacked me.

Foundation commits $1m

CVS announces that the company and its foundation will invest more than $1 million in grants for tobacco cessation and prevention programs. Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy, Eileen Howard Boone:

As we mark the Great American Smokeout, CVS Health is proud to make this investment in smoking cessation programs that give people the resources and support they need to quit smoking and lead tobacco free lives.

Will open digital innovation lab

CVS announces they will open a technology development center in Boston this winter. The new office will be staffed with techies, product managers, digital strategists, and user experience designers. One goal is to connect with startups that are developing new health care-related products and services. Chief Digital Officer Brian Tilzer:

The lab’s focus will be on building customer-centric experiences in health care.

26 Oct, 2014

Rite Aid, CVS shut off Apple Pay

CVS and Rite Aid shut off the service as it apparently conflicts with the CurrentC mobile payment system developed by Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). CurrentC, which generates a QR code on the merchant’s checkout terminal, is already partnered with WalMart, Best Buy, Target, and Sears. CurrentC reportedly works with existing checkout terminals, while Apple Pay requires merchants to purchase new equipment to communicate with the NFC chip in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Both Rite Aid and CVS are among those that don’t need to buy new equipment, so their decision to shut off the service is reported to be likely as solidarity with the other retailers.

3 Sep, 2014

Stops selling tobacco products

As of midnight, all 7,700 CVS locations nationwide stop selling tobacco products, fulfilling a pledge the company made in February. CVS is rebranding as a more health focused retailer. Larry J. Merlo, the chief executive of CVS Health:

We’re at the forefront of what we all see as a changing health care landscape.

Changes name, stops tobacco sales

CVS, formerly CVS Caremark, changes its name to CVS Health and stops selling tobacco products almost a month earlier than anticipated. The shelves behind the registers normally stocked with cigars and cigarettes will now display nicotine gum and signs encouraging customers to kick the habit as CVS focuses on the health of its customers.

We’re doing more and more to extend the front lines of health care.

5 Feb, 2014

Vows to quit tobacco products

CVS announces that it plans to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October. Chief Executive Larry J. Merlo:

We have about 26,000 pharmacists and nurse practitioners helping patients manage chronic problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease, all of which are linked to smoking. We came to the decision that cigarettes and providing health care just don’t go together in the same setting.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about CVS, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more