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1 Dec, 2014

W cover

Magazine Cover

dakota-fanning-elle-w-magazineDakota and Elle appear on the cover of the December 2011 issue of W magazine. Dakota talks about handling fame. Elle talks about Dakota and watching TV shows with her.

Sometimes. We watch a lot of reality TV. My sister and I record Big Brother. We are obsessed! And we love old game shows like Password and the original Family Feud. Also, me and my sister watch Criminal Minds. We record every episode, and we watch it every single night.

1 Sep, 2014

Lucky cover

Magazine Cover

dakota-fanning-lucky-magazine-september-2014-coverFanning appears on the cover of the September 2014 issue of Lucky magazine. She talks about shopping, her relationship, and a t-shirt she got the day her sister was born.

It’s pink with big blue letters and says ‘I’m the Big Sister.’ I was so small and it was so big that it fit me forever. Now it would be like a crop top on me, which might be in fashion.

1 Aug, 2014

Town and Country cover

Magazine Cover

dakota-fanning-town-country-august-2014Fanning appears on the cover of the August 2014 issue of Town & Country magazine. She talks about her mother’s sacrifice, getting into show biz young, and privacy.

I’m just never going to parade my personal life. If you choose to not do it, it’s not hard to not do it… Any part of an artistic business is made better by there being a little mystery. That’s what movies are about.

25 Jul, 2014

Very Good Girls

In this drama directed by Naomi Foner,Fanning plays Lily. She makes a pact with a friend to lose virginity before leaving for College but they both fall for the same handsome man and their friendship is put to the test. Co-starring Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin and Dakota Fanning.About relating with her character:

For sure. When I read the script initially, I was experiencing a similar phase in my life. We filmed it about two years ago. I was 18. I graduated from high school when I was 17. I do think there are aspects of Lily that all girls can relate to.

Very Good Girls Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Elizabeth Olsen, Dakota Fanning Movie HD

2 Jul, 2014

Town & Country interview


Fanning talks about her life and how she prefers to keep her personal life away from the media.

I’m just never going to parade my personal life. If you choose to not do it, it’s not hard to not do it. Any part of an artistic business is made better by there being a little mystery. That’s what movies are about.

20 Sep, 2012

Dakota Fanning interview

The Guardian interviews Fanning about how she has coped with being a child star and attending college at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, which allows her to chose her own classes and major at her own pace.

I never liked that phrase [Child Star] I was just an actor who was seven or 10 or whatever. I didn’t want to take four years off for school. I still love life on set. If I explained why, you’d think it sounded awful. ‘Oh, we wake up really early and work really long hours and the lights are really hot.’ But it’s where I feel most comfortable. I’m at home there.

1 May, 2012

C cover

Magazine Cover

dakota-fanning-c-magazineFanning appears on the cover of the May 2012 issue of C magazine. She talks about being a college student, turning 18, and if she’s ever been in love.

Ahh, not really. No. I would have to say no … but Effie wasn’t really in love with her husband, either, which made [filming the movie of the same name] easier.

1 Apr, 2012

Wonderland cover

Magazine Cover

dakota-fanning-wonderlandFanning appears on the cover of the April/May 2012 issue of Wonderland magazine. She talks about her role in I Am Sam, fame, and staying away from social media.

I just … I really don’t need to let people know where I am and what I’m doing. I feel like a lot of people want their privacy but yet they … tell people where they are. [Laughs] It’s just not for me. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter and I won’t ever. There’s plenty of impostors out there! There’s enough Dakota Fannings on Twitter for all of us!

1 Jan, 2010

V cover

Magazine Cover

dakota-fanning-v-magazineFanning appears on the cover of the January 2010 issue of V magazine. She talks about her movie The Runaways and bonding with her co-star Kristen Stewart.

[The kiss] It’s passionate, they were just as close as two could get. [The drugs] It’s actually crushed B vitamins. Kristen and I were, like, our hair is gonna grow a lot from these.

1 Dec, 2009

Teen Vogue cover

Magazine Cover

cosl-2009-12-coverFanning appears on the cover of the January 2010/December 2009 issue of Teen Vogue magazine. She talks about  her relationship with Kristen Stewart, going from a child star to teen star, and attending private school.

I get my rebellion out through my movies. I’m boring in that way. I enjoy having a normal life. I started there [at my school] in the ninth grade, and they were pretty receptive to me right away. I really wanted a home base, because I feel like no matter how old people are, they remember homecoming. They remember their senior prom. And I really wanted that.

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