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Dan Auerbach

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Dan Auerbach is a Grammy-award-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer from Akron, Ohio. He is best known as one-half of the blues-rock duo The Black Keys (with Patrick Carney). Auerbach has also recorded as a solo artist and produced records by artists like Dr. John, Hacienda, and Lana Del Rey.

6 May, 2014

All or Nothin’

All or Nothin'Lane releases her sophomore album on New West Records. The album is produced by Auerbach and includes an acoustic duet with the Black Keys frontman, Love’s on Fire. The two met at Lane’s pop-up vintage clothing stall High Class Hillbilly and recorded at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound:

During the first round of recordings, I was in an awkward mood every night I left the studio. It was hard for me to trust that Dan was right when he said I should move a verse around or add an extra chorus. He pushed to find the right feel for each track one by one, and a few months later, I found myself with a damn good record.

Mar 2014

Renew Orioles sponsorship

Sponsorship Deal

The Black Keys continue their sponsorship of the West Akron Baseball League’s Orioles. They are also donating to the entire WABL through the sale of specially designed jerseys available at the band’s website. Carney says:

Dan [Auerbach, the Keys’ lead singer and guitarist] and I played little league when we were kids before we got into music. It was a really positive hobby that kept us from sitting around watching TV. We are proud to be sponsoring WABL to hopefully offset some of the league’s expenses and get more kids outside having fun.

Oct 2013

Produces Lana Del Rey album


Auerbach produces Del Rey’s major label debut, Ultraviolence, at his Nashville studio. His influence is felt through blues and psychedelic guitar touches. The collaboration begins when the two meet at a New York strip club, with both artists interested in recreating a 1970s sound.

The thing about Dan is that he comes from that DIY place and actually so do I, in a way. So there was a sense of freedom from working with him. He loved that everyone kept saying, ‘Dan, are you going to make it bigger?’ and he was like, ‘No, Lana is just going to make it more personal’.

The recording for album track Brooklyn Baby is originally scheduled to be a duet with Lou Reed, bu Reed dies on the day they were supposed to record.

22 Aug, 2013

Divorce settlement: $5m and ‘Bob Dylan’s Hair’


TMZ obtains court documents detailing the finalized divorce settlement between Auerbach and Gonis. Gonis will receive over $5 million, a 2012 Toyota Highlander, and an asset described as “Bob Dylan’s Hair.”

It’s unclear how the hair was obtained … when it was obtained … if the hair contains any product … etc. — but the point is, Dan agreed to part ways with it in the divorce.

6 Aug, 2013

Accuses Gonis of endangering daughter


Auerbach accuses estranged wife Gonis of endangering their daughter Sadie, saying his wife tried to commit suicide twice in one day: once by cutting her leg open in front of Sadie, and then by trying to burn the house down. Gonis responds by saying the leg gash was due to years of abuse in the marriage, and that the fire was an accident. Auerbach receives temporary custody of his daughter while Gonis gets supervised visitation rights until the judge is “convinced she’s mentally stable and is not putting their daughter at risk.”

11 Feb, 2013

Auerbach, Gonis split

Sources report that Auerbach and Gonis have “parted ways” after the musician attends the Grammys without his wife.

Dan’s wife wasn’t there [at the ceremony] because they are going through a divorce. The split is unfortunate.

30 Jan, 2013

Cowboy Jack Clement tribute

Auerbach, Burnett, Prine, Kristofferson, Lane, and others perform on-stage and in recorded interludes at a special concert at Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium. The show benefits the Music Health Alliance. Clement is in attendance from the audience and is also declared “ambassador of goodwill for the state of Tennessee” by Governor Haslam. Auerbach and Lane perform a rendition of  Just Someone I Used to Know. Auerbach says he loved the suggestion by Clement’s engineer, David R. “Fergie” Ferguson:

That song is amazing. I’d love to sing [it].

14 Dec, 2011

Maxim Interview


Auerbach talks about the impact of The Black Keys’ album Brothers:

Absolutely. I mean, it was our seventh record, so to finally hear our songs on the radio was kind of crazy, and it opened up the door for other songs to get played. But we’d toured like crazy, and each record sold better than the last one, so we definitely laid the groundwork.

Dec 2010

Move to Nashville

Auerbach and Carney move to Nashville, TN., from Akron, OH. Nashville was one of several finalists under consideration before the bandmates bought homes there.

Honestly, if Miami had given Pat and I the amount of money they gave LeBron, we would be living in Miami right now.

Nov 2009

The Fast Five

Band Formed

Auerbach tours with newly-formed band The Fast Five, which includes members of Texas band Hacienda and Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket. Dante of Hacienda recalls:

The Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five thing was amazing!  You’d have to ask Dan what he was thinking when it came to that tour.  You see, we had no idea that would ever happen.  We had heard the record as it was being made, but I don’t think Dan ever thought Keep it Hid would come out or be a big release.

That tour changed my life for sure.  I was playing more guitar than I ever had, and next thing I knew, I starting feeling like a pro.  I was meeting big time musicians, and I felt I could hold my own.  Not to mention the crowds were great.  I had never experienced walking on to a stage and everybody already dug you.  For so long I was used to walking on stage and the audience has their arms folded yelling “prove it to me!”

27 May, 2009

9th Annual IMA judges

Auerbach and Carney join the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards as artist judges. The international program honors independent artists who

who broaden the definition of commercial success and represent the diversity of the global Indie scene.

29 Jan, 2008

Break Your Arm for Evolution

Break Your Arm for EvolutionSSM releases a follow-up full-length on the Alive label (distributed through Bomp Records). The album is produced by Auerbach. John Szymanski says the project allows its members to embrace more experimental material:

I always thought that Marty’s guitar playing really went with what I did on keyboard. Dave (Shettler) was really the first guy who wanted to play drums with us and it just worked out well.


Sadie Little Auerbach born


Sadie Little Auerbach is born. The lyrics to “Strange Times” (off of the 2008 album Attack & Release) feature a reference to Sadie:

Sadie, Dry Your Tears,

I will be the one.

To pull you through the Mere,

Before you come, before you come undone.

1 Jan, 2005

LP 1 (SSM)

SSM LP 1The Detroit-based garage-punk supergroup releases its debut full-length album on Shmosz Records in a limited CD run of 500. The album is produced and engineered by Auerbach (whose band The Black Keys tours with SSM in the fall). Auerbach is a featured guitarist on track Dinosaur.


Attends University of Akron

Attends College

Auerbach attends college. He gets Kimbrough’s album during his first year and is inspired to drop out and  pursue music seriously.

When I heard his album All Night Long, I dropped out of college and started playing seriously. His shit is weird North Mississippi dance music. He came up with his own style, influenced by local folks. He had the bravery to try something different.

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