David Caruso

Kiss of Death

21 Apr, 1995

In this action thriller directed by Barbet Schroeder, Caruso plays Jimmy Kilmartin, a recovering alcoholic and ex-convict just trying to keep his nose clean and do right by his family. After being convinced by his cousin to take part in a botched robbery, he is sent to prison, but released early to help bring down the leader of the crime ring, Little Junior Brown. He rises from a low level goon to Brown’s confidant and right hand man while collecting evidence against him. After Brown discovers his plans, Kilmartin must take drastic measures to protect his family.  Co-starring Michael Rapaport, Helen Hunt, Ving Rhames, and Nicolas Cage.

I didn’t look at it and say ‘This is a horrible gamble, what am I doing? ‘ because it was there. I thought it was a worthwhile gamble in terms of whatever credibility I might have had.

KISS OF DEATH - Trailer ( 1995 )

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