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20 Mar, 2015

Reuters interview


In an interview with Reuters, Foster talks about the challenge of judging talent, and thanks fellow coach and former F4 member Vannessa Wu for the tips on how to judge dance acts.

As you know, judging a singer is my expertise. I really have to be in a fast-learning curve, in terms of the dancers. One of my co-coaches is a great dancer and gave me a quick lesson in educating me on the difference between good and great dancing. On other acts, like traditional talents, local acts, I have to decide very quickly on world-class talents. It was a very difficult challenge to navigate. But as the days went on, we got more comfortable on learning what is good and great.

His tip for contestants:

My answer to that is if you wanna make it big, you really should never ask that question (advice) because you cannot put it into words. It’s like Nike, you just do it. I don’t have any advice for you because you have to figure it out on your own.

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