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31 Mar, 2015

Baton twirl injury needs 14 stitches


Lee Roth has to get 14 stitches to his nose after he injures it during a baton twirling segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel:

He clips his nose and actually moves the nose. The world of baton twirling is very dangerous. He came offstage and our medic was trying to stop the bleeding. There was good deal of blood. David wanted to put duct tape on it…Immediately after the show he went to the hospital and the doctor put 14 stitches in his nose.

Jimmy Explains David Lee Roth's Nose Injury During Hollywood Blvd Concert

5 Sep, 2013

Steve Austin Show interview


Roth is a guest on the Steve Austin Show to discuss music and his new show and wrestlers using his music.

These types of songs have a wicked sense of humor and a bite at the same time, just like real people. With Van Halen music, there’s such a dark humor to it that a whole lot of people have literally marched off to war to that music.

Feb 1985

California Girls music video

Music Video

Lee Roth releases the music video for Californa Girls. The video features a variety of models who represent the different states. In an interview with Howard Stern, Roth explained that he edited the video while wearing thick skiing goggles which greatly impaired his vision. Each time the editor would increase the red saturation, Roth would tell him to turn it higher, until finally proclaiming, “Now THAT’S red!”

California Girls [HD] - David Lee Roth


19 Dec, 1984

California Girls

Single Release

Lee Roth releases a cover of The Beach Boys’ California Girls, from the EP Crazy from the Heat. Beach Boy Carl Wilson and Christopher Cross sing backing vocals.

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