Dax Shepard

The Freebie

17 Sep, 2010

In this independent romantic drama by Katie Aselton, a married couple, frustrated by the lack of sex in their relationship, allow each other a one-night stand. Shepard plays Darren, the husband. Cos-tarring Aselton, Frankie Shaw and Sean Nelson.

Well, hm … for me, the thing that I was able to make sense of this. I was able to interpret this and make it seem real to me… I couldn’t relate necessarily to saying, “Oh alright, on this night, you get to do this and I get to do that,” but I could relate to that feeling of being the cool couple in the crowd, and I’m not talking about my public relationship or anything, but I’ve had the experience in my life where I felt like my girlfriend and I were the evolved couple, the one that was really adventurous and good communicators, and didn’t have a lot of hang-ups. For me, I look at what they did as more of a test to this theory they had about themselves. That they were very advanced and evolved and open-minded. That’s why they did what they did

Freebie – Official Trailer [HD]

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