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12 Aug, 2014

‘Thank you’


Krasinski, who was a co-star with Williams in the popular 2007 movie License to Wed, sends his thoughts via Twitter when he heard the news about Williams’ death.

6 Aug, 2014

China: 600 deaths

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The death toll from an earthquake in Yunnan Province in China has risen dramatically from 300 on Wednesday, to close to 600. Volunteers are now being told to stay away, after eagerly turning up in large numbers to help. Ludian County, a mountainous region of the province is the hardest hit, with more than 500 people feared dead. Disaster Bureau:

In order to ensure the best chances of rescuing survivors, we advise non-professional groups and volunteers against entering the quake zone by themselves so as not to cause traffic and communication difficulties.

20 Jul, 2014

McCole Bartusiak dead at 21

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McCole Bartusiak ‘s boyfriend finds Bartusiak sitting in her bed inside the garage apartment next to her parents’ Houston home, leading her mother to believe she had a seizure and choked. Before paramedics arrived, her mother starts cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Paramedics spent 45 minutes trying to revive the actress, but could not get a heartbeat. Bartusiak’s mother:

I’ve done CPR on that kid more than one time, and it just didn’t work this time

In the days before she died McCole Bartusiak had been suffering epileptic seizures, according to her mother.

18 Jul, 2014

Top AIDS researchers dead


Officials are reporting that a large number of world-renowned AIDS researchers and activists heading to an international AIDS conference in Australia were on board flight MH17.  There are unconfirmed reports that there may have been 100 passengers on board the flight that were heading to the conference in Melbourne. Victoria Premier Denis Napthine says:

There’s been confirmed a number of senior people who were coming out here who were researchers, who were medical scientists, doctors, people who’ve been to the forefront of dealing with AIDS across the world.

Without confirmation, Napthine is unable to give the actual number of how many on board were heading to the conference. Among the dead is former president of the International AIDS Society Joep Lange, a well-known HIV researcher from the Netherlands.

15 Jul, 2014

Suspect found dead

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A Libyan source claims Faraj al-Shibli, who is suspected to have been involved in the Benghazi attack, dies. His body is found in Marj, where he was last seen two days ago being detained by local militia. Libyan authorities detained al-Shibli in March of 2013 on suspicion of links to the attack, and it is not clear if he was at the US compound at the time of the attack.  

John Seigenthaler dies at 86


Seigenthaler dies peacefully at his home in Nashville, where he was recovering after a recent medical treatment, surrounded by family his father died peacefully at home. His son, broadcast journalist John Seigenthaler Jr. says:

We celebrate his life — his devotion to social justice, his advocacy of human rights, and his enduring loyalty to friends and family. He was proud of his hometown, Nashville, and grateful for the opportunity to share his energy and passion with this community.

Phil Currie, retired senior vice president/news of Gannett:

He was a great teacher, storyteller, inspiration and friend. John will be painfully missed, but his ideals and his enthusiasm for them will live on in hundreds of people who benefited from knowing and learning from him.

6 Jul, 2014

Dave Legeno dies at 50


Legeno dies after a desert hiking incident. Legano’s body is discovered by hikers and removed from the scene by helicopter. The Sheriff’s Department reads:

The remains have been identified as David Legeno, a 50-year-old United Kingdom man. It appears that Legeno died of heat related issues, but the Inyo County Coroner will determine the final cause of death. There are no signs of foul play.

3 Jul, 2014

Man dies at VA hospital


A man collapses and dies at a VA hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico, while waiting for an ambulance.  The man collapsed in the cafeteria, approximately 500 feet from the hospital’s emergency room. Officials are confirming that the man died after waiting more than 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive to take him from one building to another at the site, which is approximately a  five minute walk. VA spokeswoman Sonja Brown says the staff followed policy by calling the ambulance and that their policy is under expedited review.

19 Aug, 2013

Lee Thompson Young dies at 29


Young is found dead in his apartment by police, after missing a call on the production set and his manager, Jonathan Baruch, requested a welfare check.

It is with great sadness that I announce that Lee Thompson Young tragically took his own life this morning. Lee was more than just a brilliant young actor, he was a wonderful and gentle soul who will be truly missed. We ask that you please respect the privacy of his family and friends as this very difficult time.

20 May, 2011

Randy Savage dead at 58


Savage dies in a car accident in Seminole, Florida, at age 58. He loses control of his Jeep after suffering a heart attack and hits a tree. WWE releases statement.

WWE is saddened to learn of the passing of one of the greatest superstars of his time, Randy Poffo, aka Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage

5 Oct, 2010

Dan Gordon-Levitt dies at 36


dan-gordon-levitt-240Gordon-Levitt dies from an alleged drug overdose. His unconscious body was discovered in the early hours of the morning and taken to a nearby hospital, where he is pronounced dead. The two brothers were co-founders of the multi-media collaborative community HitRECord Productions, which they promoted at Sundance in January. Known as “Burning Dan”, he was a Flow Arts teacher, fire dancer, and photographer. The actor’s brother, Joseph, writes:

Burning Dan brightly embodied that bold beastly bliss sometimes referred to as “the creative spirit.” He was my chief collaborator on the foundational incarnations of hitRECord.org over the years and continues to inspire us ever the more. He would absolutely positively insist that we not let this bad news deter us on our collective mission. That said, I might not feel up to it for a little while.

4 Oct, 1970

Janis Joplin dies at 27


Just 16 days after Jimi Hendrix was found dead at 27, Joplin dies at the same age due to accidental heroin overdose. She planned to meet her fiancee Seth Morgan and Peggy Caserta, but instead, she is found face down in her room at Hollywood’s Landmark Hotel with fresh puncture marks in her arm. Her father, Seth Joplin, however, disagrees with the reports that the cause of her death is drug overdose. Seth Joplin:

Since her death, there has been so much speculation-and that’s all it is. The coroner’s report won’t be issued for two weeks yet. The newspapers said it was an overdose. They don’t know that it was. We were out there in Los Angeles and there were no drugs found in the room. There were some sleeping pills. There might have been an accidental overdose of those. No one knows yet.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Death, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more