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Janis Joplin dies at 27

4 Oct, 1970

Just 16 days after Jimi Hendrix was found dead at 27, Joplin dies at the same age due to accidental heroin overdose. She planned to meet her fiancee Seth Morgan and Peggy Caserta, but instead, she is found face down in her room at Hollywood’s Landmark Hotel with fresh puncture marks in her arm. Her father, Seth Joplin, however, disagrees with the reports that the cause of her death is drug overdose. Seth Joplin:

Since her death, there has been so much speculation-and that’s all it is. The coroner’s report won’t be issued for two weeks yet. The newspapers said it was an overdose. They don’t know that it was. We were out there in Los Angeles and there were no drugs found in the room. There were some sleeping pills. There might have been an accidental overdose of those. No one knows yet.

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