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31 Oct, 2014

Takes big lead in Colorado early voting

A report from the Secretary of State shows that 104,000 more Republicans than Democrats had cast ballots as Colorado holds its first major mail-in election. Republicans usually lead in early returns in Colorado but usually by smaller margins. Democrats and some observers expect the lead to shrink by Election Day. More than half the ballots are in.


29 May, 2013

Obama welcomes Chafee

Makes Statement

Upon hearing that Chafee plans to affiliate with Democrats for his 2014 gubernatorial re-election run, Obama issues a statement through the Democratic National Committee.

I’m delighted to hear that Governor Chafee is joining the Democratic Party. For nearly 30 years, Linc Chafee has served his beloved Rhode Island as an independent thinker and leader who’s unafraid to reach across party lines to get things done. I enjoyed working with Linc when he was a Republican in the United States Senate, and I look forward to continuing that collaboration on the issues that matter not just to the Democratic Party, but to every American.

White House Press Secretary Carney tells reporters at the daily press briefing.

The president welcomes Governor Chafee to the party. Governor Chafee’s been a longtime supporter of President Obama, and – not as a party member, but as a supporter of the president and his policies both – but I don’t have any other response.

Runs for second term as Democrat

Makes Statement

Chafee intends to run for a second term as a Democrat. Spokeswoman Christine Hunsinger says that Chafee made the decision based on principles and policy and not political calculation. With Chafee’s switch, there will be 30 Republican governors and 20 Democratic governors.

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