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2 Mar, 2015

Lions won’t tag Suh


The Lions decide not to use the franchise tag on Suh. If the Lions had done so, they would have had to spend around $26.9 million to lock him up for the 2015 NFL season with no guarantee that Suh would sign a long-term contract with them. When the free agency period begins, Suh will be free to sign with any team.

25 Feb, 2015


Dropped from Team0 Comments

The Lions release Bush, saving the team $1.7 million in salary space. Had the Lions kept Bush, they would have had a $5.28 million cap charge for 2015. Lions general manager Mayhew:

It’s not about Reggie Bush. It’s about the process of evaluating where you are as a football team. We have a bunch of meetings after the season. The coaching staff meets. The scouting department meets together and we evaluate everybody’s performance.

Part of that, from my standpoint as GM and in terms of setting up our team, is how much of a contribution each guy made to the football team that year. In Reggie’s situation, obviously last year he was injured so you have to look at the contribution versus how much you’re paying a player. It’s not just Reggie. It’s every player on the team.

21 Sep, 2014

Injures knee celebrating


Tulloch will miss the rest of the season after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee during the Lions’ game against the Green Bay Packers. After sacking Aaron Rogers during the first quarter, Bulloch imitates Rogers’ touchdown dance then falls to the ground.

It’s unfortunate. You’re passionate about the game, and you want to get up and celebrate, and it happened. People do it a million times, but (unfortunate) that it happened to me.
Sitting on the sideline is new to me. It’s sickening. But I’ll be all right. I’ll get back right and be able to help this team move forward, if everything goes well.