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16 Jul, 2014

Impeachment a ‘distraction’

Although he believes Obama is the worst president of his lifetime, Cheney tells Jack Tapper on CNN that impeaching him would create a distraction.

I’m not prepared at this point to call for the impeachment of the President.

He also says that Jimmy Carter might have been a better President.

3 Jun, 2014

Cheney comments

Cheney calls the Bergdahl exchange “bad staff work” and believes the Obama Administration negotiated with terrorists. He notes the possibility that the five released Taliban members will resume their battle positions. To Cheney, the exchange was not a good deal. He does not believe it should be treated as a victory for the president, as the negotiations were for a person who Cheney believes left his post.

We’ll end up paying another kind of price because of the transaction that’s been negotiated here.

7 Apr, 2009

Accuses Cheney of Iraq profit

In a speech to students at Western Kentucky University, Paul accuses Cheney of manipulating the Iraq war for his own benefit. He also warns the students to be fearful of large companies that may influence politics. Paul recalls an interview of Cheney in 1995

He’s being interviewed, I think, by the American Enterprise Institute, and he says it would be a disaster, it would be vastly expensive, it’d be civil war, we would have no exit strategy. He goes on and on for five minutes. Dick Cheney saying it would be a bad idea. And that’s why the first Bush didn’t go into Baghdad. Dick Cheney then goes to work for Halliburton. Makes hundreds of millions of dollars as their CEO. Next thing you know, he’s back in government and it’s a good idea to go into Iraq.

Rand Paul speaks at WKU Part 2 of 5, 4-7-09

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