Doctor Who (TV)Elisabeth SladenDeath

Dies of cancer

20 Apr, 2011

Sladen dies of cancer aged 65. The BBC says:

It is with much sadness that we can announce Elisabeth Sladen, the much-loved actress best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and CBBC’s The Sarah Jane Adventures, passed away this morning.

David Tennant:

Having been such a huge part of my childhood, she was everything you hoped she would be when you met her. She was extraordinary.

John Barrowman wrote a brief blog post stating

I loved my time on the Tardis with her. I am proud to have worked with such an icon of the sci-fi world. Your Doctor Who family are very sad and will miss you and your beautiful smile. She was a delight. Can’t tell you how sad I am.

Russell T. Davies said

I absolutely loved Lis. She was funny and cheeky and clever and just simply wonderful. The universe was lucky to have Sarah Jane Smith, the world was lucky to have Lis.

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