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Eleventh Doctor regenerates

25 Dec, 2013

In The Time of the Doctor, the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special, the Eleventh Doctor’s story comes to an end. According to Smith, there were many different versions of the final regeneration shot.

I did loads of really different takes. So I was quite surprised to see that was the take they used, ’cause I thought that they might go with something else, because we did a lot of different takes and we did a lot of different versions of that ending, and a lot of them were really troubling, and I quite liked them.

Doctor Who is the second most watched program of the entire day across all channels in the UK, with the final 5 minutes (the regeneration from Smith to Capaldi) receiving the largest peak viewers of the day with 10.2 million. It is also shown in the United States on BBC America, where, with 2.47m viewers, it achieved the highest ever audience figures for the channel, beating the previous record set just over month beforehand with The Day of the Doctor.

The Eleventh Doctor Regenerates... The Twelfth Doctor Appears! - Doctor Who: Christmas Special - BBC

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