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Donald Cerrone

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Donald Cerrone is an American professional mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer, born in Denver in 1983. He currently competes in the UFC’s Welterweight division.

9 Oct, 2016

Cruz: McGregor not most hated in UFC

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Cruz refutes Cerrone’s statement that McGregor is the most hated man amongst the UFC fighters.

I don’t base things on opinion – I base them on fact. And I don’t have a factual basis that everyone in the UFC hates the guy. I think what they’re upset at is the fact of how much money he’s made, how quickly and on his own, and also how the UFC favours him. But that doesn’t make me hate him. That makes me try to understand the situation and make a better situation for myself. I choose not to dislike or hate the people that are making that money because they’re doing something different – it’s a choice.

6 Oct, 2016

Cerrone: McGregor ‘disliked by all other fighters’

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Cerrone says he is no fan of McGregor.

It’s all an act, a big show [from McGregor]. We couldn’t hear what he was saying [at the press conference], he was just rambling and we were behind the speaker. I just tune him out, because behind the scenes he is like a scared little kid. He hides from us. When they line us all up they take Conor and put him in another room because he can’t be around other fighters because we don’t play that shit. [He is disliked] by all. By all. He’s not one of the fellas, he’s not a good dude. But it is what it is, he’s done a good job promoting the sport. He’s done a good job at making money, so I can’t hate the guy for that. But just as a person, I ain’t a fan of his.

1 Oct, 2016

Cerrone: McGregor ‘sucks’

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Cerrone comments on McGregor-Alvarez:

That’s not a good fight because Conor sucks. Eddie is smart. He won’t get caught up in all of the dramatics of it. He’ll just go in there and take him down, f-cking wrestle him and f-cking submit him! Easy work…Conor is good at getting you emotionally involved. So, I think you just go out there, take him down, and f-cking end him quick.

29 Sep, 2016

McGregor rejected Cerrone fight twice

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Cerrone says he was offered two fights with McGregor.

Someone please just shut this dude up. Last night [at the UFC 205 press conference] I was going to get on the horn and start getting after him but I decided not to because you talk about him, people not taking fights, he, two times I had the obligation to fight him and he turned down and took the easier fight…When he fought Diaz for the first time, I just fought. So it was Sunday, I was flying home, Dana calls and asked me if I’d like to fight Conor and that was for the Diaz first fight. And, he declined me and took Diaz cause Diaz was in Mexico you know, took the fight on 10 days notice or whatever. But, why would he want to fight me coming off a win? So yeah, my name was in the hat. Conor and his people didn’t pick me.

18 Jun, 2016

Cerrone wants to fight Diaz

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Despite trading insults with McGregor in the past, Cerrone says that he would rather fight Diaz.

I’d rather fighter Diaz over Conor. Everyone talks about that as the money fight, but people don’t understand. They’re like, ‘If you get that fight, that’s the money fight.’ [But] I’m under contract. I get paid the same whether I fight Patrick Cote or I fight Conor. He might make more money because he got pay-per-view. I didn’t do a good job promoting myself and making myself big and get pay-per-view money. I get the same $80,000 to fight anybody.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Donald Cerrone, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more