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Donald Trump is an American businessman, television personality, and President-elect of the United States. He was born in 1946, in Queens, New York. Trump is the President and Chairman of The Trump Organization, which is involved in real estate, entertainment, and hotel ventures across the world. He hosted 14 seasons of NBC’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice.  Trump announced he was running for president on June, 16, 2015 and won the election. He is married to Melania Knauss and has five children.

20 Mar, 2006

Barron Trump born in New York


donald_trump_barron_babyBarron William Trump is born in New York City to Melania and Donald Trump. He weighs 8 lbs. 8 oz. and has a floor above his parents’ bedroom, complete with nursery, kitchen, living room and quarters for a nanny and mother. Donald:

Melania loves taking care of the baby. If we have more, it will be terrific.

22 Jan, 2005

Trump, Knauss marry


Trump Knauss marry imageTrump and Knauss get married in front of 350 guests at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, on the island of Palm Beach, Florida, followed by a reception at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Knaus wears $150,000 of diamonds. Rudy and Judy Giuliani, Hillary and Bill Clinton, P. Diddy, Katie Couric, Heidi Klum, and Gov. George and Libby Pataki are among the guests.

3 Oct, 2002

McDonald’s ‘Grimace’ ad

Ad Appearance

Trump appears in a McDonald’s commercial for “Big ‘n’ Tasty’ burgers with Grimace, a McDonald’s character. Company:

Combining our beloved characters with a high-powered celebrity like Donald Trump and adding a little humor really resonated with consumers as a way to bring our value offer to life. Casting our own famous characters in these ads will bring back fond memories of classic McDonald’s advertising that our customers have always enjoyed.


The Big N’ Tasty for a dollar is a great sandwich at a great price. I’m proud to be the one to tell America that beginning Oct. 4, the buck stops at McDonald’s.

McDonalds - Donald Trump + Grimace Commercial

12 Jul, 1997

Decides to sell Trump Plaza casino

Makes Statement

Trump decides to sell Trump Plaza, one of his Atlantic City casinos, saying it could sell for as much as $1 billion. He says he will use the money to decrease his company’s $1.7 billion debt. The company’s stock has fallen 59 percent in the last year as casino revenues have remained stagnant. He says the decision is not a sign that he is losing interest in Atlantic City.

There is a thirst to come into Atlantic City, but it’s very hard to get land and it takes a long time to build from the ground up. I just feel, in a nutshell, that Atlantic City is hot, that I have the best properties and this is a good time to sell…We don’t need other markets. A lot of the Las Vegas developers, they now want to come into Atlantic City.

20 Dec, 1993

Trump, Maples marry


Trump and Maples are married at the Plaza hotel in New York City. Maples wears a white peau de soie Carolina Herrera dress with a sweetheart neckline, a full veil, and a borrowed $2 million tiara. Trump’s father, Fred Trump, lifts the bride’s veil while Trump winks at her before planting a kiss on her cheek. The ceremony is presided over Rev. Arthur Caliandro of the Marble Collegiate Church. After vows, the guests burst into spontaneous applause. After the ceremony, guests are served a wedding feast of caviar, smoked fish, lamb, beef, tuna and turkey.

31 Jul, 1992

Files suit against Ivana

Files Suit

Trump files a $25 million lawsuit against Ivana, for $25 million, saying she broke a gag clause in their divorce agreement by failing to keep quiet about his affairs. The suit accuses his ex-wife of:

Willful, deliberate and surreptitious disclosure [of his personal, professional and financial dealings].

21 Mar, 1991

Divorce settlement


The Trumps settle their divorce. Ivana gets a settlement of $14 million dollars, a 45-room mansion, an apartment in the Trump Plaza, and $650,000 annually. The deal is similar to their prenuptial agreement. Trump will retain the 50-room triplex they shared at the top of Trump Tower, New York. Due to Donald’s precarious financial situation, Ivana’s lawyers say she wants to take the money now rather than hold out for a better deal.  If Trump is forced to file for personal bankruptcy protection, the lawyers feared that Ivana would be just one of her ex-husband’s many creditors. Donald had asked his bankers this week for $10 million to pay for the settlement, but the banks confirmed yesterday that they had refused. He said he would come up with the money, but it remains unclear where the $14 million will come from because he gets a living allowance of only $375,000 a month from the banks. Donald:

I’m very happy that this is behind me and I think it’s a real positive step for everyone.

2 Mar, 1991

Helicopter crash damages trial starts


In U.S. District Court in Camden, Trump’s lawyers argue that Agusta, the manufacturer of a helicopter that crashed Oct. 10, 1989, killing three executives of his New Jersey hotel casino business, are responsible for damages to the business. The suit alleges that the manufacturer knew that the rotors were defective, failed to take even minimal steps to correct the problem and thus defrauded Trump through wanton and outrageous misconduct. Trump says the crash caused his casinos to lose revenue, increased operating costs, including the price of hiring new executives. The heirs of the victims received about $1.6 million from their employment contracts with Trump. While Judge Berry expresses skepticism about the case, Trump’s lawyers cite a 1950 New Jersey Supreme Court decision that reads:

of course an employer…is free to maintain any (lawsuit) against the seller of an article for breach of a warranty of its fitness

Augusta’s attorney:

[L]ook past Trump’s claim of economic damages at what this really is . . . a wrongful-death action

Berry gives the lawyers a week to prepare further arguments.

5 Apr, 1988

Pays $750,000 to settle FTC antitrust suit


Trump agrees to pay a $750,000 civil penalty to settle an antitrust lawsuit brought by the FTC, alleging his 1986 stock purchase of Holiday Corp. and Bally Manufacturing Corp, as part of a takeover bid, violated the notification procedures required by the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. The law requires that buyers must notify the government before purchasing more than $15 million worth of voting stock in a company and wait 30 days before completing the transaction.

[I decided to settle the case] to avoid protracted litigation within the federal government over a highly technical disagreement between the FTC and the business community…I firmly believe that I was in full compliance with the Hart- Scott-Rodino Act reporting restrictions…The most respected lawyers in the business’ [told me the law exempted the purchase of stock options]. Bear, Stearns also gave me the same assurance. I assume Bear, Stearns will reimburse me for the expense.

Mar 1985

NYC tenant intimidation suit

Files Suit

The city of New York sues Trump over alleged intimidation and harassment of tenants at his 15-story building at 100 Central Park South, which overlooks Central Park. Trump bought the building in 1981 with the intention of tearing it and the adjacent Barbizon Plaza (which he also owns) and replacing them with another of his mega-luxury towers. The suit says Trump and his agents have tried to force out the 60 or more tenants by threats of imminent demolition, spurious litigation, drastic decreases in essential services, persistent delays in repairing defective conditions, and instructing employees to obtain information about the private lives and sex habits of the tenants.

The defendants have harassed daily the occupants of said units…wrongful acts and omissions continue to date.

Trump claims he is the victim of wily, wealthy millionaire-tenants who are trying to extract exorbitant buyout money or other financial concessions from him.

Trump is not going to be harassed.

15 Oct, 1973

Racial discrimination lawsuit

Files Suit

The Justice Department sues the Trump Management Corporation for alleged racial discrimination in 39 of its buildings across New York. The Government says Trump Management has refused to rent or negotiate rentals and required different rental terms and conditions, because of race or color, as well as misrepresenting to blacks that apartments were not available. Donald Trump denies the charges:

They are absolutely ridiculous. We have never discriminated, and we never would. There have been a number of local actions against us, and we have won them all…We proved in court that we did not discriminate.

14 Jun, 1946

Donald Trump born in Queens, New York


Trump is born to Fred Christ Trump and Mary MacLeod in the Queens borough of New York City, New York. His father is a multimillionaire who develops properties such as high rises and apartments. He attends the Kew Forest School for elementary school but due to behavioral problems there, is sent to the New York Military Academy for high school.

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