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9 Dec, 2014

Key witness statement not included

dorianJohnson, a friend of deceased teenager Brown was with him when he was shot. A law enforcement interview with Johnson is not included among thousands of pages of documents released after a grand jury decided not to indict officer Wilson in the case. Ed Magee, spokesman for St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch:

If it’s not there, it’s not there. I don’t know what was released.

8 Dec, 2014

Hired by St. Louis city

Johnson, friend of deceased teenager Brown is hired by the city of St. Louis through a training program. 22 year old Johnson is working through a state-grant program called St. Louis’ Agency on Training and Employment, or SLATE. Jeff Rainford:

Johnson met the program’s low eligibility requirements.

26 Aug, 2014

CNN interview


Johnson, friend of deceased teenager Brown speaks about the funeral, police brutality, the false police report and his friendship with Brown:

He was a good friend, never spoke down about anybody, didn’t really tease anybody about being smaller than him because he was bigger than a lot of people we were around. He was a real good friend he didn’t like to see other people down.

Michael Brown's friend speaks out

13 Aug, 2014

NBC news interview


Eye witness and friend of deceased teenager Brown retells the events leading to the Ferguson police shooting:

It hurt him a lot, I see it in his eyes it hurt him a lot. It was definitely like being shot like an animal, it was almost like putting someone in execution.

Witness: Michael Brown Was 'Shot Like An Animal' | NBC News

12 Aug, 2014

Politics Nation interview


Johnson, friend and witness of deceased teenager Brown describes the fatal attack and shooting of Brown:

I know what a taser looks like, a taser gun looks like and I know what  a regular gun looks like. When I looked at the officer I was staring dead in front of the barrel and almost a second later the gun went off.

Interview of Dorian Johnson (with Mike Brown during shooting) on PoliticsNation Aug 12 2014

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