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Dough Hughes is an American mailman from Ruskin, Florida. On April 15, 2015, he landed a gyrocopter on the Capitol lawn in protest at campaign finance laws.

4 Sep, 2012

Son kills self, one other person


408Crash-jpgAfter an argument with his girlfriend, Hughes son, 24-year-old John Joseph Hughes kills himself by driving on the wrong side of the 408 highway in Orlando, with his lights off, killing 66-year-old Charles Penrose. The resulting fire is so intense Hughes has to be identified using dental records. The driver of another vehicle was unhurt. Police:

Well we know now based on contact we received from his girlfriend that this is a suicide. That he intentionally drove the wrong way on the 408 colliding with the other vehicle, killing the other man. We just know there was some type of argument and that he chose this method to kill himself and unfortunately take an innocent life with him.

Hughes Snr:

Something changed in me. He paid far too high a price for an unimportant issue. But if you’re willing to take a risk, the ultimate risk, to draw attention to something that does have significance, it’s worth doing.

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