Drew Barrymore


23 May, 2014

In this comedy directed by Frank Coraci, Barrymore plays Reynolds, a divorcee with two sons, who meets Friedman (Adam Sandler) a widower with three sons on a blind date. They get stuck together at a resort where their attraction grows as their respective kids benefit from the relationship. Co-starring Bela Thorne, Terry Crews and Wendi McLendo.

We got to improvise a lot, but we went into it with a great script. There are some movies where it’s a little more loose, or that are very strict and they won’t let you stray from the script. But with Adam’s movies, you also get to play. You have the comfort of knowing that you’re getting the goods, but then you have the awesome scary-excited feeling of knowing that you have to come up with fun stuff to do, on the day, to give them options in editing. It’s fun. The night before, you get weird ideas. It’s just awesome

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