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Dusty Rhodes

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21 Nov, 2013

Steve Austin Show interview

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Rhodes is a guest on the Steve Austin Show to discuss tips on making it as a professional wrestler and being in front of a huge crowd.

There are so many people who have not been where you have been. They’ve not been there with the roar of the crowd so loud and you have that look on your face where you know the place is going to go bonkers!

16 Oct, 2013

WWE.com interview

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Rhodes talks to WWE.com about his sons and their tag team success in WWE making him proud.

Dustin is better than he’s ever been. Cody now gets to mirror and travel with Dustin. To get an education from a great in-ring performer who is also a cult character is rare. To have that teacher happen to be your brother is an amazing learning process.

7 May, 2005

Pro Wrestling Radio interview

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Rhodes gives his thoughts on booking WCW:

Well it is, but people from the outside don’t really know what it is to coach a team. And that is really what you are doing. To have, to take this team and we are actually going to make a sitcom out of it, we’re going to make a movie out of it. And that is my job to, to do the movie, to cast the movie, to make the storylines, to write the music, and that’s the way I am. I put my fingers on everything, I let nobody touch that product, and that’s the hardest thing with people.

12 Oct, 1945

Dusty Rhodes born in Austin, Tx

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Rhodes (Virgil Riley reynolds Jr) is born in Austin, Texas. Rhodes decides to pursue professional wrestling early in life and begins his professional career as a young man with the American Wrestling Association and various other regional promotions.