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13 Sep, 2014

Muscle and Fitness interview


Johnson talks to Muscle and Fitness about almost actually fighting John Cena backstage and his interest in returning to the ring.

We just have to figure out what it could be and what the most ideal matchup would be, and who it would be with. Because I always feel like if I go back to the WWE, then it has to be bigger and greater than what I’ve done in the past, and I don’t know what could be bigger in terms of marquee value—in terms of value across the board—and to me it has to surpass what we’ve done.

5 Aug, 2014

Interview magazine


The Rock talks to Interview Magazine to discuss eating habits, beauty tips, fans and regrets.

Fans send me pictures of tattoos that they’ve gotten- of my face, a quote I’ve said, or of my Polynesian tattoo. It’s all love-crazy love- but it’s still love and I’ll take it.

4 Apr, 2013

Associated Press interview


Johnson talks to Associated Press about wrestling John Cena again and balancing his crazy schedule never being too much to handle.

I never feel that it’s too much, because I’m aware of the plan. I put the plan together (laughs). But in that, comes really incredible challenges that require a lot of people to embrace the vision of it, to support it.

25 Oct, 2011

WWE Magazine interview


Johnson talks to WWE Magazine about stunt work in film and how it compares to in-ring action in the WWE.

 Both are grueling and very physical. There are many comparisons that I can draw between the two, but what hits home is this: toughness and passion. Both my fellow Superstars and fellow Hollywood stuntmen are incredibly tough mothers who are driven by an amazing passion to perform

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