Dylan O'Brien

Booked to audition as Scott


O’Brien is booked to audition for Teen Wolf as lead character Scott McCall:

I was supposed to go in for Scott, but I wanted to go in for Stiles instead, so they made that happen … The next day, I got called back to go read in front of Jeff Davis and Russell Mulcahy. The first read that I did for them, they looked at me and Russell said, “Okay, thank you.” I walked out and was feeling weird about it, and then the casting director ran out and brought me back in. So, Russell said to me, “Can you just do it 10% less?,” and I did it again with no energy, whatsoever. But then, they were like, “We liked it better the first time.” And then, a couple auditions later, I eventually ended up getting it. Something that I thought started off so poorly, ended up actually working out.

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