Dylan O'Brien

Teen Wolf season three


O’Brien stars as Stiles in the third season, investigating a series of supernatural murders and making a sacrifice of his own to save his family. Co-stars Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, and Holland Roden.

It’s bigger in terms of cast, obviously, there’s a lot more characters introduced, a lot more wolves, new pack coming into town and you don’t really know their motives, the history of it all. It all has to do with all the characters we’ve come to know in the first two seasons. And we kind of start finding out a little bit more about that background of the Deaton world and how they came to be involved … You start finding out the background of this whole world a little more this season which I don’t think we’ve touched on much the first couple of seasons

Teen Wolf | Official Trailer (Season 3) | MTV

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