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Blair: Three ways to stop Ebola

23 Sep, 2014

Blair says Africa needs support to get through the initial crisis:

If we don’t get this thing under control in the next six to eight weeks, it could become the biggest humanitarian disaster in a generation.

Rebuilding efforts are needed to reinforce strained government resources:

This means stopping the knock-on effects of Ebola. Hunger is a huge risk. The price of basic goods in parts of Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, is up 8% since the virus got a foothold, and in some rural areas the cost of staple foods has doubled.

Governments need support against future crises:

Aid has been successful at slashing the number of people succumbing to preventable disease and lifting the number of kids in school, but too often it has managed this by working around governments. In a crisis you need governments with the capability to respond

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