Contact with Monrovia patient

1 Oct, 2014

Duncan helped transport Ebola patient Marthalene Williams to hospital in Monrovia on Sept. 15, four days before traveling to the U.S. Marthalene’s family took her by taxi to a hospital with Duncan’s help after failing to get an ambulance as she was convulsing and seven months pregnant, according to her parents, Emmanuel and Amie Williams. Duncan, who was the family’s friend and tenant, rode in the taxi in the front passenger seat while Marthalene, Emmanuel and her brother, Sonny Boy, shared the back seat. A neighbour says Duncan then helped carry Ms. Williams, who was no longer able to walk, back to the family home that evening:

He was holding her by the legs, the pa was holding her arms and Sonny Boy was holding her back.

Sonny Boy developed Ebola symptoms around the same time as Duncan, and died on the way to hospital in an ambulance.

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