Emergency supply rush

4 Oct, 2014

Chicago-based LifeSecure supply shop owner David Scott says he has shipped about 50 Extended Infection Protection kits worth $149.95 packages in the last two weeks with sales spiking in the three days since Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola. The kits include respirators, eye protection, gloves and biohazard bags. Scott:

People don’t tend to think about these things until they’re in the headlines, then they panic-buy.

Sales of $124.89 disposable DuPont Co. (DD) Tyvek suits surged 233% in 24 hours to 2:19 p.m. New York time on Amazon.com and DuPont, based in Wilmington, Delaware, says it has tripled production of some items used for Ebola protection and has

worked hard to shift products geographically and made a available a broader range of styles suitable for various treatment levels.

Sales of 3M Co.’s (MMM) particulate respirators, starting at $22, were up 4,004% according to Amazon’s data. Soap.com, a site owned by Amazon, said hand sanitizer sales jumped 20% this week.

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