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18 Aug, 2014

Khan not given Ebola drug


ebola-khan-not-given-drugAfter Khan’s death, it is discovered that he was not given ZMapp or asked to be a test case although an experimental dose was available. A Canadian team of scientists who had developed ZMapp were testing a dose for resistance to the African climate at a location within reach of the Sierra Leone field hospital where Khan was treated and offered to use it to treat him. However as the drug was untested and Khan’s immune system was fighting the virus, it was decided that the drug had a higher risk of killing him. His colleague, Dr. Daniel Bausch:

You had a person who was sick, and a drug never used on humans before, it wasn’t approved. There were lots of questions to be asked and no easy answers

He believes the final decision was with the field doctors at the hospital but says he disagrees with the refusal of the drug, especially as it was used on :

I do want it to be clear that these were difficult, delicate decisions that people in a stressful situation had to make. But I’m not going to deny that I disagree with the decision they made.

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