Lysol fields queries on Ebola

29 Oct, 2014

Lysol says it is taking a large number of queries from customers who want to know if its cleaning products are effective against the virus. Parent company spokeswoman:

We have seen an exponential increase in the number of queries we get from consumers. They want to know if our claim that Lysol kills 99% of all germs applies to Ebola.

It has purchased Google search terms relating to Lysol and Ebola and linked them to an Ebola subpage on its website, which directs people to the CDC. As the CDC hasn’t issued an official Ebola warning to the general public, the standard for effective Ebola-preventing disinfectants exists only for hospitals. Lysol says its products haven’t been tested to kill Ebola:

based on their ability to kill similar as well as harder to kill viruses, these products are likely to be effective against the Ebola virus.

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