EbolaWilliam Pooley

Plans to return to Sierra Leone

9 Sep, 2014

Pooley says he wants to return to west Africa following his recovery:

So while I’m happy to be recovered and alive, there’s a lot of stuff on my mind with what’s going on back there. It would be relatively safe for me to go back and work there, and it’s really the least I could do having received all this amazing care and have people look after me and potentially save my life. It’s the least I could do to go back and return the favour to some other people, even just for a little while.  The more help they get the less chance there is they get sick. If they get sick they are just going to end up in a ward in Kenema with less chance than I had.

He says he has ‘huge gratitude’ for Cameron’s role in his recovery, but calls for more support from leaders:

It’s a global problem and it needs global level leadership so Obama and Cameron … need to show some more leadership on this issue … Sierra Leone needs lots of international health-care workers working with big NGOs like MSF and Red Cross. All of that needs to be increased.

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