West Point takes anti-Ebola measures

23 Oct, 2014

ebola-west-pointThe slum, which is Liberia’s biggest and is home to 50,000 people, introduces measures like avoiding contact with the sick and hand-washing using a bleach solution, and avoiding eating ‘bush meat,’ meat from monkeys and rodents. Aid worker Mechie Seih tells charcoal seller Mamie Kollie how to lower infection risk if a family member falls ill:

You put clean plastic bags on your hands. You wear a thick jacket with long trousers. You put shoes and socks on your feet.

Pharmacist Doris Nyenkan says she now tells customers complaining of fever to get tested for Ebola. She also sells hand sanitizer, and uses it herself:

People clean their homes every day now. Now they are washing their hands, buying this gel. Before Ebola you didn’t see people doing such things.

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