Ed Miliband

Chased out of shopping center

16 Sep, 2014

Labour leader Miliband is chased out of an Edinburgh shopping center by angry Yes voters. A plan to appear on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh was canceled in favour of visits to shopping centers, but this resulted in Yes voters overwhelming his supporters. Yes voters outside the center:

We don’t need your f***ing union

How many spare bedrooms has the Queen got?

Aides decide to move the event inside the center but are then overwhelmed by Yes voters who shout:

Bow down to your imperial master

This is what a political class looks like when it’s dying


I think we have seen in parts of this campaign an ugly side to it from the Yes campaign. I think debate should be conducted in a civilised way, I think that’s very, very important, but I understand that passions run high.

Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale says the party retreats to the campaign room:

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