Eddie Murphy


22 Apr, 2001

Murphy voices a fun, loving donkey in the movie Shrek. After donkey meets Shrek, they set off to find Princess Fiona. They must rescue the princess before the fire eating dragon finds them. On their way back to the land of Far Far Away, Shrek and Fiona fall in love. Co-starring Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz. Myers:

I thought Eddie Murphy was hilarious. I’ve always been a huge fan of Eddie Murphy, I think he’s an absolutely brilliant comedian. I’ve seen everything he’s done, and what he does just blows me away every time. And I really loved playing off the ideas that he would act out. So it was great to watch Eddie be so hilarious, to interact with that, and then to kind of just sit and watch a master. So I just sort of played off of him, it was really great.

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